Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing means that the glass acts as a structural support to the other parts of the building. It lets architects create a complete glass envelope, with facades on any plane. Hence, you can build highly attractive working environments with more light and a greater feeling of space.


1. The structural glazing curtain wall adds more beauty to the building compared to the traditional one.
2. The adhesive sealant that is used is UV proof, hence, it adds more thermal resistance to the whole unit unlike the conventional sealant.
3. Wide variety of single, laminated, and double glazed can be used as a curtain wall providing a complete flexibility in performance as well as appearance.
4. It can combine silk screening and sand blasting glass or decoration.
5. In the early stage before carrying out the project, an accurate study of the wind load and other environmental issue is put into consideration to make sure that everything is heading to the right direction.

Technical Data

Maximum Glass Size : 3.21m * 6.1m

laminated windshields

laminated windshields